Chile Con Queso Dip

with ground beef ..... add 1.50 .....with beef or chicken fajita...add 3.00
small 6.95 ...... large 8.95

Nachos Deluxe

With shredded chicken or ground beef, beans, chile con queso, sour cream, guacamole, and jalapeno peppers.
small 8.95 ...... large 11.95

Fajita Nachos

Chicken or beef fajita with beans, chile con queso, sour cream, guacamole and jalapeno peppers.
half order chicken fajita 9.95 beef and mixed fajitas 10.95 full order chicken fajita 12.95 beef and mixed fajitas 14.95


Grilled flour tortillas with Monterrey Jack cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo shrimp, beef or chicken fajita plain or with onions, bell peppers & mushrooms
chicken fajita / mixed 12.95. shrimp, and beef 13.95. plain or with onions, bell peppers & mushrooms 8.95

El charro SAMPLER

(4) Beef Fajita Nachos (2) Chicken Flautas (4 )chicken Quesadillas served with guacamole and sour cream

Queso Flameado

Delicious melted Monterey Jack cheese with tortillas

Mexican sausage 9.95 chicken fajita 10.95
shrimp, or beef fajita 11.95
plain or with vegetables 9.95

Shrimp Cocktail

Tender shrimp marinated in a robust and flavorful tomato & citrus sauce, with avocado slices, cilantro & garnished with a Jumbo shrimp on the side.

Chunky Guacamole


Chef Salad

Grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, bacon, fresh avocado slices, shredded cheese & your choice of dressing on the side. Dressings: Ranch, French or Italian

Fajita Taco Salad

Fried tortilla bowl with beans, lettuce, beef or chicken fajita topped with sour cream, guacamole, cheese & tomatoes.
chicken fajita 11.95 beef fajita 12.95 Ground Beef or shredded chicken 10.95

Chalupas Sabrosas

Two crispy fried tortillas topped with refried beans, gravy, lettuce, shredded cheese, tomatoes, & sour cream with ground beef or shredded chicken

chicken fajita 11.95 beef fajita 12.95

Soup & Quesadilla

A cup of tortilla soup & a half order of beef or chicken quesadilla with guacamole, pico de gallo & sour cream

Fajita Tostada

A large crispy flour tortilla topped with refried beans, beef or chicken fajita, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole & sour cream
chicken fajita 10.95 beef fajita 11.95

Tortilla Soup

Shredded chicken, with fresh vegetables, fried tortilla strips & Monterrey Jack cheese

Cheese Enchiladas

Two cheese enchiladas, chile gravy and cheese
(2) $11.95 (3) $13.95

Shrimp Enchiladas

Two flour tortilla enchiladas stuffed with sauteed shrimp. mushrooms & carrots then topped with our white wine cayenne pepper cream sauce, served with poblano rice

Spinach Enchiladas

Two flour tortilla enchiladas stuffed with sauteed spinach. mushrooms, red and green peppers, topped with Chihuahua cheese and our special roasted corn sauce with poblano rice.

Beef or Chicken Enchiladas

Two enchiladas with ground beef chile gravy and cheese or shredded chicken with Spanish sauce and cheese
(2) $12.95 (3) $14.95

Mole Enchiladas

Two beef or chicken enchiladas, topped with Mole Sauce-a blend of sweet chiles, sesame seeds, dark chocolate & spices

Sour Cream Enchiladas

Two chicken enchiladas topped with a sour cream sauce & Monterrey jack cheese

Fajita Enchiladas

Two charbroiled beef or chicken fajita enchiladas topped chile gravy or Spanish sauce & Monterrey Jack cheese

Enchiladas Verdes

Two corn enchiladas stuffed with shredded chicken or ground beef and topped with our special tomatillo sauce, Monterrey Jack cheese, sour cream

with fajita
(2) $12.95 (3) $14.95


(2) Anaheim Enchiladas Stuffed With Chicken Or Beef Fajita. wrapped in Flour Tortillas Topped With Sour Cream Sauce Monterrey Jack Cheese,

“no crispy taco”

Enchiladas al carbon

Three charbroiled beef or chicken fajita enchiladas, topped with cheddar cheese and chili gravy

“no crispy taco”


Stuffed with ground beef, topped with Spanish sauce and Monterey Jack cheese served with guacamole salad

Mexican Tacos

(3) Beef fajita corn tacos with cilantro and chopped onion served with charro beans.

Deluxe Crispy Tacos

(3) Ground beef or shredded chicken crispy tacos with lettuce, tomato, and grated cheese

Mini Tacos

(5) Corn taquitos Your choice of chicken or beef fajita, pastor or barbacoa served with charros
and sliced avocado

NO. 1

Crispy beef taco, guacamole salad, and cheese puff, with one cheese enchilada

chicken enchilada 11.95 or beef enchilada 11.95

NO. 2

Guacamole salad, crispy beef taco, with two cheese enchiladas

two beef enchiladas 11.95 or two chicken enchiladas 11.95

NO. 3

Guacamole salad, cheese puff, and crispy taco

NO. 4

Crispy beef taco, cheese puff, taco al carbon, and one cheese enchilada

NO. 5

Crispy beef taco, taco al carbon, and one flauta chicken or beef

NO. 6

Crispy beef taco, guacamole salad, cheese puff, and one taco al carbon

NO. 7

Crispy beef taco, guacamole salad, cheese puff, and beef or chicken quesadilla

NO. 8

Crispy beef taco, guacamole salad, cheese puff, one burrito with chili gravy, and one cheese enchilada

NO. 9

Crispy beef taco, guacamole salad, cheese puff, one beef quesadilla, and one taco al carbon

NO. 10

Guacamole salad, beef taco, chalupa deluxe, and cheese puff,

El Charro Dinner

Guacamole salad, cheese puff, beef taco, chile poblano, cheese enchilada, tamale, refried beans & Spanish rice.

Vanessa Dinner

Guacamole salad, cheese puff, beef taco, cheese enchilada & a fajita taco, served with refried beans & Spanish rice


Beef taco, cheese puff, three tamales topped with taco meat & gravy served with refried beans and Spanish rice


Guacamole salad, one large burrito filled with tasty taco meat and beans then fried topped with gravy and cheese, served with refried beans & Spanish rice. with beef or chicken fajita meat add 2.00

Friday Special

Guacamole salad, bean taco, cheese puff, 2 cheese enchiladas with Spanish sauce served with refried beans & Spanish rice

Deluxe Chimichanga

Deep-fried chimichanga filled with tasty beef and refried beans, topped with guacamole, sour cream & cheese, served with a chicken enchilada Spanish rice and refried beans with beef or chicken fajita add $2


Crispy Guacamole Taco, Chile Con Queso, Chicken Sour Cream Enchilada, & Cheese Enchilada


Two deep fried chicken flautas topped with guacamole and sour cream, served with refried beans, & Spanish rice


A Giant Flour Tortilla Filled with your choice of Beef or Chicken Fajita,Lettuce,Tomatoes, Beans, Rice, Cheese, Sour Cream, & Guacamole, Topped with Chile Con Queso

Jackie Dinner

Cheese puff, beef taco, chicken enchilada, chicken flauta with guacamole & sour cream, with refried beans & Spanish rice

Deluxe Plate

Two crispy tacos topped with cheese, your choice of shredded chicken or ground beef, served with Spanish rice & refried beans and a cheese puff.


Guacamole salad, beef taco, cheese enchilada, and tamale served with refried beans & Spanish rice.

Burrito Pirata

Fajita beef or chicken, melted cheese, refried beans, avocado, and grilled onion in a huge
flour tortilla
chicken 11.95 beef 13.95

Pollo Azteca

Grilled chicken breast smothered in our special roasted corn and wine sauce, served with poblano rice, refried beans, guacamole salad
& tortillas


Three fish fillets served with rice, sliced avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and your choice of vegetables or beans a la charra

Shrimp Poblano

Gulf shrimp sautéed with onions, poblano peppers, tomatoes with refried beans, poblano rice, guacamole salad & tortillas


Grilled tilapia smothered in a pepper cream sauce with tomatoes and jumbo shrimp, served with poblano rice, grilled vegetables and a bean chalupa.

Seafood Tacos

Two flour tacos with grilled tilapia, shrimp or combo topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese served with Poblano rice, grilled vegetables and chipotle sauce on the side


Charbroiled beef skirt, grilled chicken or mixed fajitas
For (1) Chicken 14.95 Beef 18.95 Mixed 17.95 For (2) Chicken 27.95 Beef 33.95 Mixed 30.95 For (3) Chicken 44.95 Beef 52.95 Mixed 48.95 For (4) Chicken 53.95 Beef 61.95 Mixed 58.95

Alex Special

Chicken breast covered with vegetables, & white cheese, served with charro beans, rice,guacamole, pico de gallo, & (3) flour Tortillas

Pork Chops

Two pork chops cooked to perfection

Carne Asada

Charbroiled beef fajita steak seasoned & grilled to perfection

Quail Dinner

Two Quails seasoned to perfection

Mexican Shrimp

Six butter flied shrimp grilled with a blend of Mexican spices and a garlic butter sauce, served over a steaming bed of poblano rice.( no grilled onions or bell peppers)

Adrian Special

Charbroiled beef Fajita steak, covered with vegetables, & white cheese, served with charro beans, rice,guacamole, pico de gallo, & (3) flour Tortillas

Parrillada PatiÑo

Three Mexican shrimp and Three Diablo shrimp, served with our marinated beef & chicken fajitas.
for (2) 45.95

Fajitas Mexicanas

Your choice of beef, chicken or mixed fajitas, marinated in a blend of spices, Sautéed with fresh poblano peppers, bacon, and tomatoes.
For (1) Chicken 15.95 Beef 19.95 Mix 18.95 For (2) Chicken 30.95 Beef 34.95 Mix 33.95 For (3) Chicken 45.95 Beef 53.95 Mix 49.95 For (4) Chicken 54.95 Beef 62.95 Mix 59.95


Fried pork served with rice, charro beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, and three tortillas

Bravos Shrimp

Six jumbo shrimp stuffed with fresh jalapeño, Monterrey Jack cheese and wrapped in bacon, charbroiled with a blend a seasonings.


Charbroiled fajita steak & a cheese enchilada served with Spanish rice, refried beans & crispy beef taco

Carne Guisada

Tender cuts of beef sauteed with onion, tomatoes, sweet peppers and spices, covered with rich gravy, served with Spanish rice, refried beans, guacamole salad and tortillas

Tacos al carbon

Your choice of charbroiled beef or chicken rolled up in two handmade flour tortillas, charro beans,

Spanish rice, guacamole salad.
chicken 13.95 beef or mixed 14.95 topped with chile con queso add....2.00

Pollo Jalisco

Grilled chicken breast over a poblano rice, topped with chile con queso, refried beans, guacamole salad & tortillas

Stuffed Avocado

A fried stuffed avocado filled with your choice of chicken or beef fajitas & one cheese enchilada, one taco al carbon, served with rice & beans

Pollo Cancun

Marinated chicken breast with Monterrey Jack cheese, onions, bell peppers & mushrooms served with poblano rice, refried beans guacamole salad & tortillas


Served with refried beans, spanish rice, and tortillas


Scrambled eggs and sausage, served with tortillas


(2) Scrambled eggs with diced potatoes,
served with rice, beans and tortillas


Scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, sliced corn tortillas, bacon, monterrey jack cheese, served with spanish rice, and refried beans


Cheese puff with rice & beans


Cheeseburger served with french fries


One Cheese Enchilada, rice & beans


One tamale with gravy, rice & beans


Crispy beef taco with rice & beans


Crispy beef taco with cheese puff


Chicken fingers served with french fries


Cheese quesadilla with rice & beans


Grilled cheese sandwich & french fries.


Taquito al carbon Beef or Chicken with rice & beans


Kids Pizza with French fries.

Mexican Burger

Charbroiled hamburger with cheese, crispy bacon. lettuce, onions and fresh avocado slices, served with fries.

Santa Fe Chicken

Charbroiled chicken breast topped with Monterrey Jack cheese, grilled mushrooms, and crispy bacon with fries


Beef or chicken fajita with beans, lettuce tomatoes, sliced avocado and sour cream


A rich Mexican custard made with a caramel topping.

Churritos Sticks

Crisp cinnamon pastry sticks topped with chocolate and caramel syrup


(4) 6.50 (8) 8.50

Fried Ice Cream

Flake battered ice cream served in crispy shell, topped with caramel, chocolate & whipped cream

Ice Cream

A scoop of ice cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry

Churritos & Ice Cream

Crisp cinnamon pastry sticks, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel & whipped cream

Refried Beans, Spanish Rice or Poblano Rice


Shredded Cheese, Sour Cream or Jalapenos

(fresh, pickled or toriados-(3)

Cup of Charro Beans or French Fries



half 5.95.......full 8.95

Grilled Vegetables.



Charbroiled Beef Ribs, Served with Guacamole Rice, Beans, Pico de Gallo & Tortillas


10 Oz. Grilled T-Bone, served with Guacamole Salad Spanish Rice, Beans,Pico de Gallo & Tortillas


Charbroiled Shish Kabob with Onions, Mushrooms, Tomato and Bell Peppers. Served

with Refried Beans, Rice, Guacamole,Pico de Gallo & Tortillas


10 Oz. Grilled Ribeye, served with Guacamole salad, Rice, Beans, Pico de Gallo & Tortillas